From Pencil to Color

Teacher: Atalia Shachar

Instructor: Atalia Shahar
Drawing and drawing workshops
Option for an annual or short term course
Atalia, an active artist and academic teacher who teaches at the Artists’ House for the 10th year in a course on personal approach in small groups, with reference to the background or basis of each participant. A portrait from classic to contemporary … A reference to the will of the participant and his aspirations for the advanced The formulation of a concept for a series of works and a range of contemporary topics and techniques. The portfolio will focus on a variety of subjects and materials while encouraging your unique way. Preparation and practice for entry tests for all trends. All courses are recognized and approved for hours of study. Courses are suitable for beginners or with a personal background or start of each participant Small groups
Date: Wednesday, 18.00 to 21.00, day at 10.30-13.30
Details and registration: 050-8390445
Phone: 03-7326614, 050-8390445

Tel: 050-8390445