Teacher: Rina Maimon

After years of doing and creating, studying at the Avni Institute and participating in various galleries and exhibitions around the world, including a solo exhibition in Miami in 2013, a door opens for those who wish to develop their artistic thinking and abilities with close and personal guidance by Rina Maimon. , Color, composition, observation and more, but the main occupation will be striving for personal artistic expression in order to promote and sharpen individually the construction of an artistic language suited to the creator and compatible with his current abilities using graphite pencils and acrylic paints. In the learning process we will deal with understanding the observation and improvement of drawing things as they are – Line to color.
All this with an emphasis on individual development. From time to time we will hold a meeting outside the studio and experience urban registration in a different location.
In addition, one meeting will be dedicated to working with a naked model.
Registration to the workshop does not require prior knowledge of painting.
Date: Tuesdays from 19:00 to 22:00

Tel: 0528430713