Professional course for training wall painters

Teacher: Hillel Lazarov

Instructor: Hillel Lazarov
A course for the training of wall painters is a professional and experiential course between 32 sessions and will deal with learning and understanding the creation of the painting from the plaster stage in the wall to the final and spectacular result. Throughout the course the students learn to paint using the AIR-BRUSH device. AIR-BRUSH (Airbrush) is the main tool of the modern wall painting, which is mainly spray painting. With Air-BRUSH, we can paint accurately and varied on surfaces The unique technique of AIR BRUSH comes to the finishing levels and amazing effects in the murals, which can not be reached with a hand brush. The course is designed for both men and women art lovers who want to experience this unique technique and learn an experiential profession Interesting, exciting, satisfying, and especially for anyone who dreams and wants to paint on walls.
Details and registration: 050-5631369
Tel .: 050-5631369

Tel: 050-5631369